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After the doctor will use an electrode to cauterize the skin. The most common genital warts cure is Cryotherapy. This involves using either genital wart home remedies a liquid nitrogen of carbon dioxide and you actually freeze the wart by blasting it with the liquid nitrogen. This freezes the wart and then you can remove it. One of the main advantages of using the cryosurgery method is it tends to have the least occurrence of scarring the skin. Most people do not want to leave a scar behind. Then depending on the method used, different recurrence rates have been recorded. A common doctor prescribed treatment currently used in the United States is imiquimod cream that stimulates the immune system to fight off warts.

They are mainly labeled as solid blisters, skin lesions, rough tumors or also known as verruca. They appear on your face, hands, knees, feet and genital parts. Warts locations are also identifiers of their specific types. Common warts usually appear on hands and knees, which look like embossed formations with rough texture. Those that arise in different locations of your body, from hands, face and neck, that look like compressed formations are called flat warts. Despite the presence of advance and sophisticated treatments, natural remedies are still around as an alternative treatment for various illnesses including genital warts. Sometimes the viruses disappear on its own but it has a high tendency to come back if left untreated.

All to often, people suffer with this condition, not really making an effort to alleviate the problem, because of the mole and wart being in a non-visible area. Removing warts and moles can be a very expensive and frustrating process. There are close to 100 different strains of warts caused by the Human Papilloma Virus or (HPV), and some of those are linked to cancer.

genital wart home remedies

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